Michael Tremer

IPFire 2.21 - Core Update 123 is available for testing
by Michael Tremer, August 16

The next release of IPFire is available for testing. It is a house-keeping release and contains a large number of fixed and also closes some security vulnerabilities.

Thanks for the people who contributed to this Core Update by submitting their patches and please help us to support everyone’s work with your donation!

This release ships a large number of microcode updates for various processors (linux-firmware 30.7.2018, intel-microcode 20180807). Most notable, vulnerabilities in Intel processors might have been fixed or mitigations applied. Microcodes are now also being loaded into the processor earlier to avoid any attacks on the system at boot time.

This update also comes with a large number of smaller changes that improve security and fix bugs:


Posted: August 16 • 1354 views