Michael Tremer

IPFire 2.19 - Core Update 119 is available for testing
by Michael Tremer, February 26

Hello Community,

it is time for another Core Update that updates the toolchain of the distribution as well as a number of smaller bug and security fixes. Therefore this update is another one of a series of general housekeeping updates to make IPFire better, faster and of course more secure!

Thanks for the people who contributed to this Core Update by submitting their patches and please help us to support everyone’s work with your donation!

Toolchain Updates

The toolchain is a collection of programs that is used to build the distribution. One of the most important one is the compiler GCC which has been updated to version 7.3.0 which mainly adds support for retpoline. This is needed to build protection against Spectre into newer kernels.

The main C library, glibc, has been updated to version 2.27 and brings various stability fixes, performance improvents and bug fixes.

Other toolchain packages that have been updated: binutils 2.30, ccache 3.4.1, diffutils 3.1.6, swig 3.0.12

Security-Relevant Changes



The following packages have been updated: asterisk 13.18.5, bacula 9.0.6, bwm-ng 0.6.1-f54b3fa, flac 1.3.2, haproxy 1.8.0, nginx 1.13.7, nut 2.7.4, openvmtools 10.2.0, postfix 3.2.4, powertop 2.9, sarg 2.3.11, stunnel 5.44

These packages have been dropped and will be removed with this Core Update: lcr, mysql which was very outdated and is not needed by any add-ons.

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