Michael Tremer

IPFire 2.15 - Core Update 81 is available for testing (and only today)
by Michael Tremer, August 7, 2014

IPFire 2.15 – Core Update 81 comes with nine security vulnerability fixes in the OpenSSL package and some other minor bugfixes. This update is going to be released very soon and therefore we would like you helping us to verify that everything is working fine.

OpenSSL 1.0.1i

Those OpenSSL security fixes are filed under CVE-2014-3508, CVE-2014-5139, CVE-2014-3509, CVE-2014-3505, CVE-2014-3506, CVE-2014-3507, CVE-2014-3510, CVE-2014-3511, and CVE-2014-3512. They are all in various protocols and parts of the library, but all of moderate severity. We still recommend to install the update as soon as possible.



As we are going to release this Core Update very soon we would like you to help us with testing. You find the update in the testing tree. After you installed it and tested it, please send us your feedback right away!

Posted: August 7, 2014 • 848 views